The NASA-supported Merced nanomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing (MACES) just took possession of a state-of-the-art Zeiss GeminiSEM 500, the first of its kind in operation in an academic institution in the United States! The SEM will be part of the core facilities of the UC Merced Imaging and Microscopy Facility (IMF), significantly augmenting the materials characterization capabilities of the campus. The new field emission scanning electron microscope allows high resolution imaging at low voltages, i.e., down to 0.8 nm at 1 kV. Along with enabling broad materials related research and education at UC Merced, this instrument will enable faculty and students in the MACES (Merced nanomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing) program to study as-synthesized nanomaterials, 3D porous morphology, self-assembled hybrid nanostructures, biosensor surfaces, and the connectivity and tortuosity of porous media.