Dr. Thomas I Valdez delivered a talk to over 80 students and faculty members at UC Merced on Monday, November 30th. Advances in fuel cell technology by both NASA and the automotive industry have broaden the use of this technology for a wide spectrum of robotic and mobility applications. The regenerative fuel cells that are being explored to power planetary orbiters and rovers will make it possible to conduct long-duration space operations. Dr. Thomas I Valdez is currently a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, CA. Dr. Thomas I Valdez is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at the JPL in Pasadena, CA. His career began in the summer of 1991 as a major contributor to the study of fundamentals of methanol fuel cells. Dr. Valdez has received various NASA New Technology Awards, patented his work on fuel cells, electrochemical sensors and energy harvesting systems. For more information about Dr. Valdez’s work or UC Merced MACES program, contact Jennifer Lu, PH. D. at jlu5@ucmerced.edu.