K-12 NanoTechnology Modules

Today, the excitement of science is often diluted by the way it is taught in elementary, middle, and high school: covering a wide range of disjointed topics without depth, and disconnecting scientific content from scientific practices (knowing versus doing).

To support high-school science teachers seamlessly link tangible technological solutions with STEM concepts, MACES offers a paid Teacher Professional Development Workshop every summer. A key element of the workshop is the development of discovery-based modules on Energy and Sensing. These modules integrate cutting-edge technologies with scientific processes to reinforce basic STEM concepts and to stimulate interest in STEM.

Every year, 4-6 high-school science teachers participate in summer professional development and co-develop discovery-based modules with MACES graduate students. Importantly, these relationships extend beyond the workshop—we help teachers to implement these modules in their home schools and collect feedback for continuous improvement.